Umbrella Project is a universe based on the fight between survival and biological dangers, where participants through gamified rewards will have fun earning money. Players can choose to survive, fight for their lives, or develop - using science - biological weapons to create chaos.



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Umbrella Project 2022 , Made with passion by

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23 years have passed since the Raccoon City incident. We have fought with all our might to counter the action caused by Umbrella. But everything seems to have been a dream, endless. A long time has passed since then. There is practically nothing left of Umbrella, or so we thought.

It all turned out to be a dream, or was it true? Strange things are happening in this new city. Things I have seen in my dreams. Things that are so real, I've even gasped. We will have to gather forces again for what is to come, or is it just a bad thought? I don't know what else to think.

I have seen the fall of Umbrella with my own eyes. I can swear to it. I don’ t believe in coincidences, that is why I feel that we are in danger. We must join forces, to be able to wake up at once.

Today, everything has changed, everything is different. Cities are full of people, with technology and dynamism. I have heard about a project driven by a pharmaceutical company, and honestly, I cannot clearly see this new horizon. I think this has no end. All I know is that we have few, scarce resources to survive.

Today everything is different. Humanity has evolved and dabbled in disruptive technologies. Blockchains, nanotechnology, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence. It ‘s much more complex than then. Humanity could face extremely dangerous combinations of evil, if it’s still in certain hands, of course. We have no other way out, we must resist and survive.

Will it be a new beginning? We will find out soon.

Love, Jill
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